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Our company works exclusively with major shipping companies, in order to have the ability to offer competitive prices and security in the maritime transport of cargo.

The company is vanguard in transport containers between Greece and Albania, and among others, it offers to its customers:

  • Export goods from Greece, Albania and Balkan territory to all the countries around the world
  • Import goods to Greece, Albania and Balkan territory from all the countries around the world
  • Insurance and Customer  Services - Transit Formulation


The company offers customs clearing office, offering customs and service. Assumes any merchandise to independent office or containers, groupage, imports - exports, airport etc..

Special Transportation Service (STS) is T&C complementary paratransit service. 

In land transportation


Organization of groupage services (groupage management) constitutes a significant role in the ideology of our company.  We have developed a professional, contemporary, fully interwoven in our client's needs and effective working system, which offers:

  • A door - to - door transportation between Far East, the countries of Europe and the Balkans throughout Greece, Albania and Italy.
  • Storage of goods, we provide warehouses that ensure the safety before their transfer.
  • Warehouses in Far-East, Greece and Albania

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